Market Harborough

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Who Produces and maintains the Bigfern website
The Bigfern Guide to Market Harborough has been in existence since 1998 in one form or another. It is the work of one man, namely myself. The website you see today is the result of many, many man hours, and has evolved over the years as my experience has grown.

Why should I make a donation?
Originally, the website has been hosted with the ISP's I have used over the years, and has cost me no extra to have it up and running other than my monthly ISP subscriptions. In August 2009, it became necessary to change this arrangement, and it is now hosted by LCN. This has meant that Bigfern now has a more appropriate domain name and one that is easily remembered. The drawback to this is that I now have to pay hosting charges.

To pay for these charges, I've had to make a decision whether to allow advertising on the web pages or rely on some sort of subscriptions or donations to help with this cost. Rather than clutter the pages with a lot of advertising, I have elected to keep advertising down to the very bare minimum, and seek donations from anyone willing to help in this way.

By making a donation, it will help me to keep this website up and running for the information and enjoyment of all those who find interest or help in browsing it's pages.
Any amount you may wish to give, no matter how small would be received with much gratitude, and to which I thank you now in advance.

How do I donate?
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