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A Narrow boat decends the Locks

The canal is now mainly used by Pleasure boats. The narrow boat above has just started it's decent down the hill, which takes roughly about 45 minutes. The locks are just 7 feet wide, so as you can imagine, there's very little room to manoeuvre on the way, although a Passing Pound exists halfway down to allow boats travelling in opposite directions to pass.

Foxton Locks

View from bridge 61

Foxton Locks are situated a couple of miles Northwest of Market Harborough on the edge of the Welland Valley, in southern Leicestershire, and is easily accessible from the Gartree turn on the B6047 north of the town or the A4304 to the West at Lubenham. There's ample facilities for parking and picnicking, along with toilets at the Foxton Locks Country Park.

The walk down to the locks

Open since 1974, it is located on the Foxton to Gumley road a short distance from the canal, where all day parking is just £1:00

A beautiful walkway takes you through the pine trees along to the canal from the park, (left). It's then just a short walk down the Husbands Bosworth arm of the canal to the top lock shown below. This part of the canal is topped up with water from reservoirs at Welford. From here, 10 locks take the canal 75 feet down hill to the Leicester/Market Harborough section at the bottom.


Top Lock

An Inclined Plane was built in 1900 to speed up the operation of getting boats up and down the hill. It could carry up to 4 boats at a time and took about 10 minutes! Sadly it was closed in 1911 and finally dismantled in 1928.

Take a look in the Foxton Inclined Plane Trust's museum, which is next to the Passing Pound, to see a working model of the Inclined Plane, as well as a collection of other fascinating canal memorabilia.

Renovation work on the locks took place in 1908. Today, 90 years later it has been the subject of more renovation, as some of the pictures here show.

Rainbow Bridge

Above is Rainbow Bridge (62). It is unusual in the fact that it's narrowness is due to the fact that it was built primarily to enable Tow Horses to be able to cross over the canal because the Tow Path on the bottom section is on the other side.

Video: Bikeride to Foxton Locks (from Market Harborough).

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